Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tong Bath

I started typing this one on Wednesday but never finished typing it or posting it. So, here it is...

Today was actually a little different... I had to wake up early and go back to my apartment because Lisa had to go into the office today for meetings and plus the maids were coming, so we had to get out of their way. So, I went back to my apartment.

On a side note... I didn't tell y'all the other day that in order for me to take a shower by myself (and spare Lisa the horror) I needed something like a sponge on a stick in order to get to the places I couldn't reach. Lisa went to Walgreens and didn't exactly find a sponge on a stick, but rather found a brush on a stick and a long loofah thingy. So, using her MacGyver-like skills, Lisa attached the loofah thing onto the stick brush with cable ties. And voila! I had a sponge on a stick. It wasn't pretty, but it worked fairly well.

Anywho, I forgot to bring that to my apartment today in order for me to take a shower. So, I used my MacGyver-like skills and used the loofah thingy that I already have at home and held it with some tongs. Yep, I said tongs. Kitchen tongs. How ingenious am I? Yeah, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Jess said...

Kelly you are so Mexican dear!!! I love it!!!

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