Thursday, February 24, 2011

11 Month Bandiversary

My 11 month bandiversary was on Saturday. I am down approximately 119 pounds (at least according to my scale). I can hardly believe it's been 11 months already. Pretty soon it will be one year!

I also went to my surgeon the other day. I hadn't lost much weight since the last time I saw him a month ago. More than likely that's because of the foot surgery a month ago.

On the foot note... my feet are kind of getting better. I gave up on using crutches after a few days and then just walked around in my moon boots for two weeks. I finally got the stitches out and am back to wearing normal shoes. I had a check up with my surgeon on Monday and I asked her when my feet were going to stop hurting. She looked at me kind of funny. I said that my feet still hurt. She said that most people's feet don't hurt by this time after surgery. I also mentioned that I feel a knot on the bottom of both of my feet, right above my heels. She felt it and thought that the plantar fascia that she cut may have rolled up. What? Seriously? Can't I catch a break here? Now I have to start going to physical therapy to unroll the fascia or something of that nature. As long as it makes me better. Whatever. I start that fun next week.

Anywho... here are my 11 month pictures.