Monday, March 29, 2010

Surgery Day Photos

Here are some photos that Lisa snapped with her phone on the day I had surgery. The first one is pre-surgery. She wanted to get one from a few minutes before where I had a hot blanket around my head. They did that to warm me up so they could find a vein. They found one, took off the blanket and Lisa was left with this picture.

The other picture is me after the surgery. I was really quite doped up in this picture and wanted to lay back in bed, but they wouldn't let me. I sat in that wheelchair for about an hour and drifted in and out of sleep while waiting for the radiologist to read my x-ray. Pretty, huh?

When the nurses were prepping me for surgery there was a lady next to me who was having her breasts enlarged. Lisa whispered to me what would happen if they confused me with the lady next to me. Oh, no. That would not be good!


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