Friday, March 26, 2010

Soreness, No Infection, & Beefcake Shakes

I'm still feeling pretty sore today too. I think Dr. Ganta punched me in the ribs when I was knocked out. For some reason I am still having shooting pains in my left side in the rib area. Funny thing is there is no incision there. I have no idea why this area hurts. He said that most people aren't sore at this point but for some it takes a few more days. Of course I would be the exception.

Yesterday I went to Dr. Ganta's office because I thought one of my incisions was infected. It was kind of red and puffy looking. He took off my steri-strips, cleaned the big incision and said that he didn't think it was infected. Thank God! He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics just in case.

I told him that I had been doing the clear liquids part of my post-op diet and that it really sucked. I asked him if I could move on to the full liquids phase, which includes the protein shakes and soup, and he said yes! Yea! No more broth! I went home and had a peanut butter and chocolate protein shake for dinner. It was pretty tasty.

Today Lisa and I are having a day of pampering. We are getting our hair cut and she is treating me to my very first facial. I can't wait to see what that is like.


Ann said...

That sounds like an awesome day. Sorry you are still so sore, but happy for you you can quit the broths. Ann

Jess said...

We miss you friend!! I hope you are feeling better and there is no more soreness...

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