Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupid Gas

Today started off well - I was able to get out of bed all by myself today! I nearly fell out of bed, but I made it. My sister was amazed to hear me up and about in the morning, considering I had to yell for her to help me out of bed yesterday.

Later on in the day I finally took a shower! I also had to take my bandages off. I didn't really want to do that. But there are still steri-strips underneath the bandages. So, I have five incisions all around the upper part of my belly. One is about an inch or so long. I don't like looking at it. But I suppose they look pretty good as far as incisions go.

The big thing today is the stupid gas pains that I am having. I was told this would happen. It is terribly uncomfortable. Also, they told me that walking would make it go away. So far that hasn't worked, but I keep on trying. I also had some lovely heartburn yesterday too. It's almost like my body is revolting.

Eating isn't really fun right now. Hell, I don't even think you can call it eating! I have been having about a half cup of beef broth for each meal or so. I'm already getting sick of it. I tried some chicken broth and it wasn't very good. Perhaps it was the fact that it was free range, organic broth. Perhaps I like my chickens cooped up, not running around free on the range. Who knows? Lisa got me a can of chicken noodle soup this evening and she blended the heck out of the noodles with this handheld blender thing that looks like (and she calls) a boat motor. I only had about a half a cup, but it beat the hell out of some beef broth. I'm supposed to be on clear liquids for two weeks, so I probably shouldn't have had the chicken and noodles so soon, but I don't think I can take broth much longer. I actually can't wait until I can drink my beefcake shakes!

As for Bruno, my dad reports that my mom carries him around the house darn near all the time. It's quite possible that all four of his legs will atrophy from non-use! Talk about spoiled!

I would like to thank all of you who have called, emailed, texted, or commented here on my blog. Thank you all for your well wishes and support!


Leslie said...

Glad everything went well with your surgery! You forgot to send me the link to your blog, so Ann sent it to me and I just was able to read it today. Hope you get to feeling better soon, and drink/eat your broth!

~Babs said...

Ughhh! I feel for you..I hate just regular little 'ole gas pains :) I really hope your 2 weeks goes fast kiddo!

Ann said...

That sucks, hopefully it won't last too long. Keep your spirits up, it will get better (sometime) =) Sounds like you will have a VERY spoiled puppy on your hands. Gotta love grandma's.


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