Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breathing and Sleeping

On Thursday I went to the hospital to do my breathing tests as requested by the pulmonologist. I had to sit in this weird bubble-type thing and blow into a hose while some lady cheered me on and told me what to do. She said my lungs looked pretty good!

On Friday I went back to the pulmonologist and he read my breathing tests. He said everything was good and he approved me for surgery. Yea! One more test down.

Also, I went back to the sleep medicine doctor and she read my sleep study. It turns out that I have sleep apnea. Lovely. I have to call some medical supply place on Monday to go get fitted for a CPAP mask and all that good stuff. Well, at least I should get a good night's sleep once I start wearing it.


Konnie said...

Kelly, my sister has had a CPAP for several years and says it's made a world of difference for her in terms of her sleep and her energy level. I think you'll like it once you get used to it.

jess said...

Kelly remember to keep Mr. Bruno away from the CPAP hose I don't know alot about dogs, but Chacha's gato bit right through that thing and it didn't work properly for a while...that is until she realized that the air was leaking and had it replaced...maybe it was the noise that annoyed the gato..who knows just check it regularly to be sure it's working properly ;0 )

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