Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pig Nose Attached To Head Gear

March 8, 2010

Well, I survived my first weekend of pre-op dieting. I definitely couldn’t live like this for long. I have been pretty hungry but I’m trying to get used to the empty tummy feeling. I’ve been doing my protein shakes and snacking on cheese. Thank God for cheese! I had a very tasty chocolate and peanut butter shake the other day. It tasted like a real milkshake. That recipe is a keeper!

My sleep study got moved up to last night. That was an experience. I have never been hooked up to so many things and had so many wires sticking out of my head and body. The sleep study technician, Susan, was really nice though. When I first got there she fitted me with a couple of CPAP masks in case it was determined that I had sleep apnea so she could put one on me in the middle of the night. Then she hooked me up with all the wires. There were about 15 wires attached to my head, two on each leg, one on my left side, a few on my chest, a few on my face, and a few on my neck. Oh, and some thing in my nose. Then I had a pulse monitor on my finger too. If you were guessing, yes, it was difficult to sleep with all of those wires. It took me a while to fall asleep and then I don’t recall much before Susan woke me up to tell me that she needed to put the CPAP on me. CRAP! I have sleep apnea. So, I put on the mask that covers my nose and mouth. I could breathe easier on that one but it woke me up a few times because I heard air leaking out near my chin. Then, about 4:00 a.m., I decided to try the other CPAP that only goes somewhat into your nose and doesn’t cover your mouth. I think this one looks like a pig nose attached to head gear. Very attractive! I breathed well on it but it is the weirdest feeling when you try to open your mouth or talk. Apparently I eventually fell asleep and Susan woke me up at 7:00 a.m. to disconnect me from all the wires. Then I had to go home and wash my hair because of all the goop left stuck to my head. I think I got it all out.

Here's a picture of the nice room that I did my sleep study in. That matress was sooooo comfortable!

Oh, and the good news… I weighed my self at the sleep doctor’s office and I had lost 8 pounds since I was there last Wednesday! I’ve told a few people and they are amazed. I told them “yeah, if you were starving you would lose weight too!”

I’m heading to the Brandi Carlile concert tonight in Helotes. Woo hoo! Too bad I can’t drink beer at the concert. Boooo!

Next up… the pulmonologist and psychologist on Wednesday.


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