Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Year Bandiversary!

My one year bandiversary was on Saturday! In the past year since my surgery I have managed to lose about 125 pounds and drop 4-5 pant sizes and about 3 top sizes. My feet have also shrunk about a size or so.

I can do a lot more than I used to be able to do. I am definitely more comfortable in my skin (well, my loose skin).  I have batwings like nobody's business now. I seriously look like I could take off and fly! Luckily my belly doesn't look too bad. The girls are a little lower nowadays too. Oh well, I'm better off than I was. Perhaps someday I will get some work done.

Here are my one year pictures-

I had a check up with my surgeon the other day too. I did much better this past month, losing 7 pounds rather than 2 pounds the month before. He was very pleased with my progress. He mentioned that one year ago he wrote my target weight as 219. That's what I weighed in at his office that day (his scale shows a good 2-3 pounds more than mine). I asked him if that's what he thought I would lose in a year and he said that he thought that was the weight I was going to stay at (the best I could do). And he was very impressed that I was able to reach that weight in one year.

In other news... I have a neck! Look at it! You can see muscles and things! It's amazing. I have never had that before!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I started my pre-op diet. I was having surgery in 18 days and had to start a high protein, low carb diet in order to shrink my liver so that it would not be troublesome for my surgeon when he got in there to do his business.  On this day I weighed 340 pounds. I know, it's craziness. I can't believe I ever weighed that much. At the time I didn't think I looked like I weighed that much. But oh, was I wrong. Looking back now I totally see it. So, exactly one year ago today I weighed 121 pounds heavier. (I'm now 219 as of this morning.) Holy crap! I absolutely cannot believe that I have lost that much that quickly. I would have never imagined. I thought weight loss with the Lap Band would be a lot slower. I would have expected losing this much this quickly with the Gastric Bypass surgery. In 18 days I will have my one year bandiversary. But since I actually started my weight loss journey on this day one year ago I will say that I have lost 121 pounds in exactly one year!

Oh, I started physical therapy yesterday for my feet. That was interesting. I found out that my feet are freakish. I never knew that I couldn't bend and flex my feet and toes to the extent that other people can. I even made two of the physical therapists take off their shoes and show me how far they could bend and flex their feet. Then they solidified the fact that my feet are freakish. Who knew? So, they're working on making some muscles and tissues and whatnot come back to life, so that I can use them the way I'm supposed to. They're also using an ultrasound machine to break up the scar tissue in the lumps on the bottom of my feet, or as I so lovingly call them my "lady lumps." Apparently I walk funny, or rather, incorrectly. And they're not sure if that caused the plantar fasciitis or whether the plantar fasciitis caused me to compensate for the pain by walking funny. I think from the two physical therapists' reactions I might just be the worst case they've ever seen. I've always said that if it can happen to anyone, it can happen to me!