Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Fill Today!

Today was my first fill! That was a interesting experience. I laid on the table and Dr. Ganta felt around on my belly for my port. I had no idea where my port was. I never really wanted to go poking around looking for it. I thought it was more on my left side. But instead, it is to the upper left of my belly button (from my view). He made me lift my legs up in the air a few times while he pushed around on my port. That was the part that was a little uncomfortable. Then he gave me a local to deaden the area. Then, thank God I can't see over my boobs to see what he was doing, he commenced to giving me my fill. I wasn't really interested in how or what he was doing. I just wanted it over with. But all in all, it didn't really hurt.

I asked him what size my band was and how much saline he had injected. He said that it was a standard 10 cc band and he had put 2 ccs in it at the time of surgery. He then added two more ccs today. So, I have a total of 4 ccs in a 10 cc band. I'm hoping that this will be pretty good as far as restriction goes. I guess I will find out when I am able to eat real food tomorrow!

On another note... as some of you may know, I work in downtown Austin. We see some strange people in Austin and it's just a usual occurrence. We have a transgender man who walks around in a thong and also ran for mayor. I have also seen a man dressed in a cow costume riding a bike. Today I saw a shirtless man on a bike with a cat on his shoulder. It makes you wonder what might happen if he had to stop suddenly or swerve! ...Only in Austin. That guy was definitely keeping Austin weird.


Misty said...

Yeah, REAL food! Whoo hoo! You made it, you made it! I'm sooo happy for ya. Let's do lunch soon. Oh and the cat guy, yeah, I've seen him. Very strange indeed. Keep Austin Weird for sure!

debbeall said...

Don't forget the guy that came out of the dumpster without his shirt on!! We are in the land of the wierd for sure!!!

So, what's for lunch then?? Now that you can eat real food again!!

Kelly said...

Oh crap! I forgot about that guy!

I'm having 1/2 of a pecan crusted chicken breast with green beans. No, I didn't make it. I picked it up at the Central Market To Go at H.E.B. That's how I like to cook.

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