Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Things are going pretty well around here. I am just the tiniest bit sore now. I am able to wash myself without tongs, get out of bed by myself without slinking out of bed like a snake, and able to walk faster than a crawl. My incisions are almost completely healed. Well, the little ones are but the one big one is still working on it.

I went walking yesterday evening and felt pretty good. I walked a lot farther than I had intended. When I got home I mapped it and found out that it was almost 2 miles! And I didn't collapse!

Oh, and my baby, Bruno is back home! Yea! And no, he did not forget how to walk while at Granny's house. Somehow his muscles remembered what to do. He has yet to Riverdance on me. But in an effort to thwart any future Riverdancing, I now sleep with a pillow over my tummy. Look how excited he is to be home...


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