Saturday, May 1, 2010

Support Group

I went to my support group on Thursday and it was very interesting. We had a representative from Bariatric Advantage there to talk about vitamins and give away free samples. What was really cool was that after the meeting a woman came up to me (God, help me I can't remember her name) and asked me some questions. She was planning on having Lap Band surgery in mid-May and wanted to know if I had any tips for her. I told her about some of the protein drinks that I liked and also recommended a loofah on a stick for bathing (y'all remember that post, right?). I think I talked my face off to her and was very excited because someone was asking me for advice and information - like I was a veteran! That's a different feeling. I also met a lady named Darlene who won the contest put on by Dr. Ganta in December for a free Lap Band surgery. I remember seeing her picture on the website as the winner. I was so excited for her and kept telling her that I couldn't believe she was the one who won. Another guy mentioned that he went swimming for the first time since having surgery and experienced something new. He had lost about 90 pounds and was now a pretty thin guy. He said when he was fat he would always float to the top and that now that he is thin he nearly sunk to the bottom of the pool! I have always been a floater too. I have never been able to dive to the bottom of the pool. I always thought that my boobs were built in flotation devices. So, I'm sure that will be an interesting experience when I get to that point!


Jacquie said...

Hi Kelly! I just found your blog and look forward to following you on your journey. I was banded on 3/24/10 and will be going for my first fill on Monday!

debbeall said...

Now you and Jess will both have to use the little arm floaties!!! LOL

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