Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2nd Fill Today

Today I had my second fill. I really hate when the doctor presses down on my port! That's not exactly comfortable. But, I know it has to be done. So, now I'm at 6 ccs in a 10 cc band. I hope this fill gives me a lot more restriction. I've been eating a little more than I know I should, but still nothing compared to how much I ate before surgery. I also haven't really cheated either. Most of the protein shakes are sweet and I've been eating a little cup of 60 calorie pudding for dessert after most meals, so I don't really really want cookies or cakes or anything like that. I even made a cake and two dozen cupcakes last weekend for my friend's kid's birthday and didn't have one bite. Yea for me!

Tomorrow is my monthly support group meeting. I believe a plastic surgeon is coming to talk about various procedures that can be done after weight loss surgery. They are also doing a clothing exchange. Maybe I'll come home with some nice new clothes. Well, at least new to me!


Janelle said...

Sounds like you are doing great with your food choices, better than me lol!

I hate getting fills because they hurt. Lots of people say they don't, but I have a low pain tolerance so everything hurts me more than most people, and yes them pushing down on my port hurts, too.

DiZneDiVa said...

You're doing great! I didn't even feel my first fill because he numbs the area but... it was sore and bruised when that numbiness wore off... It must really hurt if they numb you like that before. We have a clothes closet too. It's cool.

Misty said...

hell yeah! I can really see the difference! Great job!

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