Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lookie what I got...

Lookie what I got... a new ice cream maker! I know what you're thinking... "You just had Lap Band surgery, you can't have ice cream!" But I can! I can have protein ice cream. I know! Who would've thunk? 

In my pre-surgery researching days I came across one of the best weight loss surgery blogs EVER! You must check it out -

Shelly (the blogger) has some of the best post surgery recipes out there. She is such a creative chef. She has tons of recipes for protein ice cream. The recipe is exactly the same as a protein shake. All you do is prepare your protein shake as usual and then dump it in the (previously frozen bowl of the) ice cream maker and turn it on. Right after I had surgery I used my sister's ice cream maker and made some. It was yummy.

Now I have a problem. Which flavor should I make first? Butter Pecan? Chocolate Peanut Butter? Mochachino Almond? Mexican Chocolate? Oh, the choices are endless! Check out Shelly's Protein Ice Cream page and let me know which one you think I should try first. The bowl is already in the freezer getting ready for protein ice cream tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

i want some! when i visit you, you are going to have to make me some. oh and the click stuff too
-erika g.

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