Monday, May 17, 2010

Deutschen Pfest 5K Pfun Run (and Walk)

Yesterday I did the Pflugerville Deutschen Pfest 5K Pfun Run and Walk with two of my friends, Lana and Brandy. Let's just say that was an interesting experience. There seemed to be more people running than walking and we quickly started out in the back because we were walking the race. There was one guy behind us who must have dropped out or cut through the course to finish quicker, so we ended up the last ones. After a while we had a policeman in his car following us very, very slowly. I'm kind of surprised we didn't hear his siren go whoop, whoop! to move us along quicker. We were being silly jumping over orange cones and throwing water at each other. We finally finished... dead last and in just under 60 minutes. There were people lined up along the sidelines cheering us on and the announcer even announced our names as we got near the finish line. As they called my name I kissed my hand and waved to the crowd.  It was thoroughly embarrassing, but I didn't know anyone besides my friends, so it didn't really matter.

Well, at least I did it. And it was my first 5K since my surgery. There will be more 5Ks in the future and I will definitely get better and faster. Perhaps I will start a tee shirt collection from all of the 5Ks that I do!

Here's a cute puppy that was standing in front of us at the starting line -

I just thought that was such a cute picture.

And here is Brandy, Lana, and I before the start of the race.

Thanks for walking with me Lana and Brandy! I love you guys!


amandakiska said...

I think that is AWESOME!

Cindylew said...

Congratulations...that's a great accomplishment and I'm sure there are a hundred more 5K's in your future.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

wow i am so proud of you, i love you so much. you cant believe how happy i am that you did a 5K. you inspire me to go out and walk tomorrow lol! erika G.

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