Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mighty Texas Dog Walk 5K

This past Saturday I did the Mighty Texas Dog Walk 5K with a couple of girlfriends from work. The walk supported the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, who provide service dogs free of charge to people with disabilities. I have done this walk a few times in years past. I love seeing all of the dogs and the money goes to a good cause. And there are tons of freebies too. The whole point of the race is to raise money for the organization as well as try to set a world record for the largest number of dogs being walked. We won several years ago, but the Brits have been winning for a few years now.

My dog, Bruno is getting up in years (he's the ripe young age of 12) and even a few years ago he couldn't finish the whole walk and I had to carry him for most of the walk. I have been wanting to do this walk for a while now, so Bruno asked Santa Claus for a stroller this past Christmas. Well, Santa came through! I never thought I would be one of "those" people who put their dogs in strollers, but apparently I am. He would have never made it otherwise. So, Bruno had quite the life, getting pushed around for 3 miles.

I did the 5K with much more ease than those in years past. My feet didn't hurt very much, if at all. Also, it didn't even seem like it was a 5K. It didn't seem so long. I suppose losing a crapload of weight makes it a lot easier!

Here are some pictures from the walk-

Griselda and Chewi, Barbara and Jo, and Kelly and Bruno


Amanda Kiska said...

Love the dog stroller! You look great!

Lady Lap Band said...

What a cool thing! Your dog is so cute! I have 4 maltese, I'm such an animal love. Congrats on the walk and your 1 year Bandiversary!


Anonymous said...

WTH - Mama Baby with his tongue out and he didn't even do the walk!!

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