Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little People's Section

I did something the Friday before last (sorry I'm a little late in this blog post) that I never thought I would do... I shopped in the little people's section at WalMart. (The little people's section is what I call the regular size clothing section.) I was looking for some wear around the house/workout pants and found that I fit into... get this... an XL! (GASP!!!) I know! I was just as dumbfounded. I went straight to the plus size section as usual, but to my surprise the pants were too big. So, I moved into the little people's section. I tried on the XXL. A couple of those were even too big. So, I tried on the XLs and they fit! Granted they are a little snug in the tummy area, but these kind of pants stretch out with wear. I didn't want to buy a bigger size and have them falling off while I'm walking on the treadmill or something. Another great thing about shopping in the little people's section - clothes are cheaper!

Tomorrow is my 7 month bandiversary. Pictures to come....


Misty said...

Hell yeah! That's great!

Robin said...

Laughing at you calling it the "little peoples'" section. Yay you!

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